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A simple project costs from 700 USD, advanced one ranges from 700 USD to 3400 USD.
Note! If you urgently need to develop a tool (within 1-2 days), 20% of the entire project cost will be added above the total price.

Note! We will determine the final cost only after carefully reviewing your requirements.

We work on a 100% prepayment basis. After you pay for the order, we have up to 5 business days (except in the most complicated cases) to develop the tool. 

Note! In some cases, you can pay 50% instead of the full advance. Contact our Support to reveal situations when you can pay half the amount.

1. Send a request. Include as much information as possible to describe the idea of your tool.

2. Wait for the review and approve the specification.
We will analyze your request rigorously. Then you, our dedicated manager, and tech lead will develop the software requirements specification hereinafter SRS. It is crucial to ensure that we are on the same side for all key points. 
Note! Check the specification carefully! Make sure it is regarding all your requirements. Everything should be OK since we develop the tool according to this document. You should approve or correct items of the specification. After the tasks are formulated and approved, we estimate your order. We will include the information about the final costs and deadlines in the specification. The price depends on the complexity of the job to be done.
3. Wait for the review and approve the specification.
Once you approve, you need to pay the invoice. We accept only bank wire transfers.
4. Wait while we complete your order After we get the receipt from you, we will start the development process. We create the tool and test it within 5 business days. 
As soon as the tool is ready, we will send you a demo version. Note! 
You cannot change the price or specification items after we have: 
-Approved all the points of the software requirements specification. 
-Received payment. 
-Started the development process. 
You can modify ready-made tools for an extra charge only after the current project is closed. To perform this, you should place a new order.
5. Check and approve After receiving, you can check and test your tool within 10 business days. You should do this to ensure that everything works according to the both-party-approved specification. 
We will fix all possible bugs until you are fully satisfied with your tool.
6. Confirm that everything is okay If everything is OK (and the tool works perfectly), we will ask you to confirm this. After that, we will provide you with the source code/full version of the product. Thank you for your cooperation! We would love to work with you again! 
You should do this to ensure that everything works according to the both-party-approved specification. 
Note! Do you want to improve the tool with any additional functions? Do you desire to modify your product with new features outside the scope of initial specification? Let’s discuss it!

When purchasing our tool, you get three-months post-dev support after the source code has been delivered. It covers the debugging process for free. 

We will fix bugs if: The original requirements of the specification are not fulfilled. There is an error on our part. We will fix your tool within 3-5 additional business days after receiving your request. 
We WILL NOT fix bugs if: You do not check/read the specification and approve it without even familiarizing or verifying. The trading platform (for which the tool was originally designed) has been updated. So, there is a new build and your tool conflicts with it. 
We cannot foresee how the terminal will change. The product was developed more than 6 months ago. You want to modify your tool with features that were not stipulated during SRS approval. Note! We WILL NOT fix bugs that occur in the third-party code for free. We will consider debugging as an improvement that is implemented for extra money. We fix for free only bugs in our part of the code. 
Note! Let’s imagine: we have two tools with the same conditions and logic. One of them is designed for MT4, and another is for cTrader. When you test them or place them on the live chart, they can display different prices, Stop Loss, Take Profit, exit conditions, etc. It is not a bug. It is a problem connected to the peculiarities of platforms and brokers’ functioning. 
Do you fall under one of these conditions but want to fix or improve your tool? You can form a new request and pay extra for tool modification.

Refund Cases 

If we cannot meet all the requirements from the both-party-approved specification, we will issue a partial or full refund. 
Non-Refund Cases 
There shall be no refund given under any of the following conditions: 
-You have already received the source code or full version of the product (TradingView tools contain sources by default). 
-The tool works according to the specification that we have previously discussed and approved with you. 
-The developed product conflicts with add-ons, connectors, or other non-standard tools that are not available by default in the platform (for which the tool was created). Or if you did not mention them when placing an order. 
-You have paid for further modifications of the ready-made software. The particular tool/software was delivered more than 6 months ago. 
-The post-coding strategy turned out to be unprofitable. You are simply dissatisfied with the ready-made product without describing a technical reason. 
-The project debugging/fixing time is unlimited since it depends on the client’s feedback. Thus, we do not refund if you think that fixes take too long. 
-Independent tool fixes are not the reason for the refund. If you intruded into the code, did something, and the tool began to work worse, we will not refund you. 
You should thoroughly test your tool/software before using it in live trading. Note! The ForexEACoder company assumes no liability for any risks or losses caused by any reason when using our tools.

We DO NOT sell your information 

We stand for the privacy of our clients’ information and intellectual property. We protect any data you have shared with us and hold it in strict confidence.
We DO NOT perform decompilation
Hacking third-party tools, cloning them, or removing their demo protection are outside our rules. Moreover, we can safeguard your tools from any type of intrusion applying our Licensing, Obfuscation, or DLL services.
We protect your information 
The ForexEACofer company maintains practices to ensure the security and confidentiality of your intellectual property and information: 
-We have solid passwords to secure our databases. 
-We obtain world-class virus and intrusion detection software on our PCs. They provide strong security protections. 
-We agree to work under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). So, everyone can be legally protected.

We DO NOT consult our clients about trading. 

We DO NOT give advice on how to make the tool profitable. 
We DO NOT test the profitability of trading strategies.  We only check the fulfillment of conditions declared in the specification.
Our team only develops tools and helps with the technical part.